About the Owner

Kenneth Shelton is a 6th generation Galvestonian: the first of his family arrived in Texas while it was still part of Mexico. One or more of his family was in the city during every major hurricane since the 1850’s including the devastating 1900 storm, and many were involved in the financial, business and cultural life of the city. An uncle, David Moore did the two monumental bronzes on the Seawall near 48th street. Shelton attended Galveston schools and received a B.A. in economics from the University of Chicago. On returning to Galveston, he engaged in the Real Estate business. He is an amateur artist and did some of the paintings and drawings in the house. Many of the other Galveston artists hung in the house are friends. Shelton is an avid fencer, a sport he has enjoyed for more than 50 years. He enjoys wood work and designed the book case in the ping pong room. A love of books and of reading was shared by Shelton and his mother and grandfather. He and his wife live in a historical home that has been owned by members of his wife’s family since 1929, the move from the Seawall property being made, not without some sadness, to provide their three sons with more of a neighborhood.