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About Seawall House – Our Galveston Texas Vacation Rental by Owner

Our Vacation Rental by Owner Galveston, Texas – GALVESTON SEAWALL HOUSE is located on the famous Galveston’s Seawall at 18th Street, between The Galvez Hotel and the Holiday Inn Express and is closer to the Gulf of Mexico and beach than either hotel. On the first floor, a large veranda and a covered porch overlooks the ocean and provide a great place to dine, have a cocktail or to just sit and watch the waves or the parade of people.

On the second floor, the two south bedrooms open onto a large porch equipped with a swing, hammock, chaise and chairs. On a clear nights one sees, on the horizon, ships shimmering like stars as they make their way to Houston, or from it, to all corners of the world.

Seawall House has four bedrooms on the second floor and one bedroom on the first floor. The third floor loft has two bunks, but it is accessed by a very steep stair, more like a ladder, and should be used only by the physically fit and sober. A deck accessed by the third floor loft over looks the Gulf and the city and is great for sunbathing.

The back patio is also a great place to have lunch. Here, the level of activity lessens; lie in the hammock under the loggia surrounded by tropical foliage — oleander, ginger, palms and flowering plants — be enveloped in the usually gentle breeze and enjoy the quiet serenity.

Two, one bedroom courtyard apartments sit on the north side of the patio and both have a views of the Gulf.

The main house is equipped with dominions, cards, poker chips, board games a ping-pong table and a small library of books. There, reluctantly, we provide cable and TV, but it is hoped that guests will take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the house to get back in touch with each other, have a good read or enjoy the sea and sky and will postpone any addictions to electronics until their return to the real work-a-day world. For the digitally addicted, a high-speed Internet connection is provided. (Click images for larger view)


History of Seawall House

The house was built in 1914 by Frederick Langbin, one of the original investors, in the Galvez Hotel. He had intended the home as a residence for his sister and her daughter. It was built of poured, reinforced concrete and was the first house so constructed in Texas. The style is similar to that of some Frank Lloyd Wright structures. Unfortunately Galveston was not to the taste of Mr. Langbin’s sister who returned to England with her daughter after a short stay. The property then became home to the Newding family. After WWII it suffered through many owners until purchased by Kenneth Shelton and his brother in the 1970’s. Kenneth purchased his brother’s interest years later, and, with his family, lived in the house, which he continues to own, until 1994.

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Mr. Langbin incorporated many anti-hurricane features into the home. Small lights (panes) in the multi-light windows were much stronger than normal windows and a Spanish tile roof, now gone, provided additional heft to the structure. The home went thought the 1915 hurricane with nary a scratch though Sewall Boulevard in front of the house was washed out and many near-by structures were destroyed.

Along with comfortable resort style furniture, the house is furnished with an eclectic mix of fine antiques, oriental carpets and art featuring Galveston artists which accent the home’s cypress, oak, and longleaf pine woodwork, most of which was milled especially for the house. There are many unique areas from which to enjoy the Gulf, which can be seen from almost every room.

The property consists of the Seawall House and two one bedroom, courtyard apartments for a total of 7 bedrooms, not including the sleeping loft, and 7 baths. The house boasts 3 – Gulf view porches and a marble paved court yard. (We prefer to lease the entire property, but on occasion we will lease only the front house or apartments.)

We love the house and we love the city and the beach. We want others to experience this exciting and interesting city and enjoy this wonderful house that offers the best of both. We will work to make sure that your stay is fun and trouble free. Please let us know any way we can help.